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    Lockwood – the leader in door opening solutions for the Eastern Suburbs and all of Australia.

    Chances are every resident in the Eastern Suburbs has unlocked a Lockwood lock or padlock and thats why quality locksmiths recommend them!  The infamous red Lockwood ‘football’ logo on padlocks and locks is a household symbol of premium security, protection and peace of mind.  The Lockwood brand can also be seen supporting some very important fixtures and community causes in Australia – the Lockwood V8 Super Car, Neighbourhood Watch, Victorian Bush Fire Appeal, Red Cross and the Henley-on-Dry rowing and sailing regatta in Alice Springs.

    Why do locksmiths love Lockwood?

    Manufactured in Australia

    Yes, this is one of the few brands to be manufactured in Australia.  The company has recently spent $17 million upgrading its present manufacturing plant in Melbourne.  Not to mention the hundreds of Australian workers it employs.  In 2014, Lockwood manufactured its 3 millionth mortice lock!

    Lockwood celebrates its 75th anniversary!

    The company’s humble beginnings began in 1934 by John Stanley Ogden, as a family owned business.  John Ogden introduced Australia to the iconic brand, Lockwood through the manufacture of quality padlocks and other locking devices.  Lockwood continues to manufacture security, safety and convenience to households, businesses and governments around the world.

    Leading edge technology

    Extensive research and development combined with modern technology and product design upgrades has enabled Lockwood to remain in the forefront of the industry.   Developments range from the automation of quality inspection to improved die-casting and machining processes.  Over the years, Lockwood innovations have led to industry benchmarks for locks – from Five Seventy series cylinder mortice locks introduced in 1963 to the 1983 release of the revolutionary V7 keying system which uses two rows of pins in a V shape breaking the conventional idea of vertical inline pins. These advancements mean the new mortice locks are now easier to install as most standard functions can be assessed and changed without the need to open the lock case.

    Australian Lock Standards – AS4145

    All Lockwood products meet the Australian Lock Standards AS4145 requirements for security and anti-corrosion.

    Key Security

    The MT5 keying platform has key patents and a high level of key copy protection giving the assurance of key security in a mechanical locking system.  It uses an alpha spring, telescopic pin technology and locking bar pins to create a key and key blank that only authorised companies and individuals can distribute.

    Warranty and Guarantee 

    All Lockwood products come with a 25-year mechanical warranty from the date of purchase.


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