Lock Rekeying

Not sure who lived in your house before you?

 – you need our Lock Rekeying Service

Lock rekeying is important to protect yourself and your valuables.   Lock rekeying by Fusion Locksmiths is an easy and inexpensive way to update your security under these circumstances:

  • Lock rekeying after a burglary
  • Lock rekeying when your keys have been lost or stolen
  • When house mates leave or you have moved into a new property with previous tenants.
  • Turning numerous locks into one key fits all
  • At your office, lock rekeying when employees leave

There is also master keying, where a master key is created that opens all locks around the home or business and other keys are created that limit access, such as a cleaner’s key or a gardener’s key.  This is great if you have many contractors coming to your house and you want to limit their access.

As with most mechanical devices, locks have a set life span, so it is important to check and re-evaluate your security devices regularly.  Lock rekeying will ensure your locks are working at the best level of lock security as possible.