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    Eastern Suburbs Home / Car Robberies

    The Eastern Suburbs is an affluent area of Sydney and a very popular tourist destination, and this unfortunately brings with it an element of home and car robbery. Home and car robbery is particularly virulent when the weather warms up and more people visit the eastern suburbs. The NSW Police Facebook page for the Eastern Suburbs has numerous posts siting car and home robbery are ‘popular’ crimes around the area.

    Most eastern suburbs home and car robberies can easily be preventable simply with a lock. Locks may sound like an old-fashioned way to protect your home and car from robbery but they work and that is why they are still in use today. However, there have been advances in lock technology that make them even better at protecting your family and valuables from break-ins.

    The easiest way for any break-in to occur is through the doors or windows and a thief will always try these first. Good strong locks will always deter the thief – what they want is a quick entry into your home or car, pick up the easiest and most valuable items and be out of there. Secure locks will always deter the thief because they take time to break into.

    There are a variety of locks on the market, designed to match the type of security you need for your car and home and your family needs.

    For the Home


    A deadbolt is one of the simplest and most effective ways to lock external doors. The latch bolt, the part that moves from the lock into the strike plate, keeps the door secure. The deadbolt once applied stops this bolt from retracting. Using the key is the only way to rotate the lock cylinder. Thieves do not like deadbolts, because if they get into the house, say through a window, they are still unable to open the door, to quickly exit with your valuables under their arms.

    Master Key System

    A master key system means that one key opens every lock around the home. This is an excellent solution when you have many external doors to lock, and gates, a garage and a garden shed to secure, as well.


    This is a secure locking system for the modern family. Simply type in a unique pin code into the keypad and the door is locked or unlocked, instead of using a key. This saves having to carry around a heavy set of keys every time you leave the house. It also eliminates the phone call ‘Mum, I lost my keys!’

    …what about for the Windows!

    There are many choices of window locks in the market but choosing the best one will depend on the type of windows you have, that is, whether they open up and down, open out or slide across. The most effective window locks are ones that actually secure the window to the frame or prevent the window handle from being turned.

    For the Car

    Always use the locking system that the car has installed. There are extra security measures you can have installed such as immobilisers and car alarms. A professional locksmith should always install these for maximum anti-theft security. There are also heavy-duty steering wheel or gear lever locks you can purchase for added protection.

    Have a good look at the locks around your Eastern Suburbs homeand car, it’s probably been a long time since you really looked at them – it may be time to call a locksmith?

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